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Katana Parfums

Katana Parfums

Our story

We all share a common point, the passion and love for qualitative artisanal perfume, symbol of well-being and leisure.It began in 2012 with my surprising acquisition of traditional oils and incense from India.

After studying these products I found that most of the noble ingredients such as oud in its raw form were found in the Asian part of the world.From this came the idea to establish my own perfumes, my own attars for personal use with unprocessed raw products.Being in love with nature and fascinated by what our planet has to offer in terms of wealth, I composed and transformed these products with dedication.

Being genuinely creative and above all a dedicated entrepreneur, I love to sublimate the product like a rough diamond lying at the bottom of the earth, agonizing, dusty, dirty, in order to return it to its final destiny: a jewel, a gem.

To transform a rough product into a refined and defined one, is extraordinary. I find it very satisfying on a personal and spiritual level to please my customers.

I initiated the brand Katana Parfums at the beginning of 2021, it is a symbol of Asia: powerful, ancestral and sharp like I do on my handmade elaborations.

Let me help you to discover luxurious and harmonious elixirs.

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